Prepping Up For Sinulog Photo Contest

Editing using Lightroom

Editing using Lightroom

After all the sentiments and complaints against the contest, here we are again, taking our chance to win in one of the prestigious photo contest in Cebu. In my end, I’m joining the contest to take my chance and to enjoy the photographic exercise from a privileged vantage point. It has become my ritual every year, win or lose. Continue reading “Prepping Up For Sinulog Photo Contest” »

Fashion Photography: Lighting and Retouching

Lighting and Retouchinig

Lighting and Retouchinig


Albert Pedrosa

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SunStar Columnist

Workshop Outline:

Lighting Patterns:

Loop Lighting

Split Lighting

Butterfly Lighting

Narrow Lighting

Broad Lighting

Lighting Ratio


Non-destructive Editing

Clone and Healing

Skin Tone Correction



Special Effects

Miss Cebu, Anther Infante is the new face of Nexus Properties

Anther Infanter for Nexus Properties

Anther Infanter for Nexus Properties

Sometime October, I was commissioned to shoot for the new face of Nexus Properties. Had a coffee over Starbucks together with Ms Cebu, Anther Infante and the charming and sweet Ms. Shanna Lopez of Nexus Properties to talk about the project.
We scheduled the shoot a week after in a studio. It was the first time shooting without any tension at all. Everybody creatively contributed and the entire afternoon was a breeze.

More power to Nexus Properties.

Food Photography and Styling

Every time I conduct a basic photography workshop, I always try to open the eyes of the students about the different genre available when trying to learn photography. The most typical interests are portrait and landscape. Today I’ll talk about my experience in shooting food and working with a stylist. Continue reading “Food Photography and Styling” »

Road Trip: Apollo Bay Music Festival


Just before winter in Melbourne, we head to the Great Ocean Road and chilled in Apollo Bay’s Music Festival for a few days. It was the first time for me and my family to visit Australia and my sister and her husband together with the kids gladly gave us a wonderful tour along the coast line from the country down under.

Continue reading “Road Trip: Apollo Bay Music Festival” »

Photographic Journey

18mm, f8

Last week we conducted a photography workshop for Landbank staff. It was part of their employee development program. There were so many who enrolled that we have to divide the workshop into three schedules.

Our contact informed us that not everybody who enrolled owns a DSLR, some would just like to understand photography in general. To my surprise, many attended with the latest model camera having multiple lenses. Continue reading “Photographic Journey” »

What Lens To Bring

A PHOTOGRAPHER has to go through a rigorous task of deciding what equipment to bring when traveling. Should I bring two camera bodies? What lenses should I bring? Do I need a flash? My tripod is quite heavy, can I survive the trip without it? Continue reading “What Lens To Bring” »

Amazing Thailand

Just before September ended, I spent a week in Bangkok and experienced the night life, market life and diverse culture of Thailand. There is no better way to share my experiences but to show the pictures i took. Enjoy!

ISO and Dynamic Range

ISO an Dynamic Range

ISO800 f5.6 200mm

ISO800 f5.6 200mm

I’ve been researching about the myth that increasing your ISO will increase your dynamic range. I got interested on this technique after watching Lara Jade shooting at a rather high ISO than the usual even with a good light. She explained that she wanted to get more shadows. From that statement, I can only assume that she was referring to wider dynamic range.

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