Weekender Crash Course: Photography

The Photography Weekender Crash Course finished with a bang as our feisty new photographers tackled exposure problems and went around town with it, literally! Congratulations guys, enjoy your new-found skills and take a million photos while you’re at it.

The Lightroom vs Photoshop Seminar

Alright! GRP and Ultra Digital Imaging has done it again. The Lightroom vs Photoshop seminar was deemed a success and everyone went home reeling from post-processing information overdose. Even bystanders wanted in on the action!

Weekender Photoshop Crashcourse

The Weekenders got down deep into Photoshop and got more than they bargained for: buckets of KFC downed with the Paquiao-Margarito match! So all you out there, check your scheds for who knows what might be in store on a weekend at GRP. Weekenders, tag yourselves!!!

Basic Photography Class

Our first few batches of basic photography students went out to seek enlightenment at the Taoist Temple while thinking about exposure problems and the rule-of-thirds grid. The last class also tried out simple lighting techniques just for the heck of it. Fun times all the way 🙂

GRP launches PixelCare

PixelCare is a two-hour free seminar on Photoshop and Color Management to discuss better production practices for your digitized pictures and prints. Sign up, its for FREE! Contact Ultra Digital Imaging for more information.

Whoops! Pardon the error there, but we’ve corrected the date and now its correct. Its actually a Saturday, not Friday; from 22 to 23. Thanks and sorry 🙂

Team GRP photography exercise

GRP goes out on a Sunday to flex some photographic muscle and took pictures of the band Cuarenta for Rudy Project. A good exercise in photography; one good reason to stay away from our laptops and photoshop for one day