Bulky DSLR

Sydney QVB, I was using the Fujifilm XE-1 18mm with APS-C sensor. It was small, compact and lightweight. Quality is at par with my DSLR.

Last week during the Camerahaus Photo Festival in BGC, I noticed that a lot of photographers are still in DSLR. I was expecting to see more mirrorless camera this time around. The same festival last year was dominated by DSLR users but with the trend going to the mirrorless side, it was surprising to see less of them.

I see a family man who looks like a career professional with a complete line of lenses and a full frame camera body. Probably a hobbyist who can afford. My question is how come he didn’t shift to mirrorless. Is it because of image quality or performance better in DSLR? Does the size count for impression?

I don’t think that image quality in terms of sensor has any difference. Of course the newer and smaller sensor are making breakthrough but I still have no idea where the direction is going when it comes to mirrorless and DSLR. One factor though and has always been an issue is battery life in mirrorless camera but the weight is definitely a major factor in DSLR.

If you ask me why I’m still stuck using DSLR, I honestly don’t have a strong list of reasonable argument. Maybe because I still don’t know how my clients would react seeing me with my compact camera shooting their project. Maybe I’m just too lazy to shift and use the excuse that if ain’t broken, why fix it. Which is not quite true because my arm and shoulder is experiencing re-occuring injury due to heavy equipments.

I’m truly convinced that for travel, landscape and family portraits, mirrorless is definitely a must. The quality offered by Canon M series, Fujifilm, Sony and a lot of other brands are simply just awesome. It even comes with a lot of connectivity and special features. The choices of lens is not an issue anymore since many lens manufacturer are supporting the mirrorless revolution.

For the DSLR users like me, why are we still here? Maybe in-denial or just plain stubborn. I can’t really answer that. I’m sure that the moment that we would be able to find the real essence of using a DSLR and turns out mirrorless can do it better, there won’t be any apprehensions anymore and thus the beginning and the death of DSLR. For now, I don’t see a future without DSLR.

I’m still happy with the results of DSLR despite the weight that actually fills in for my much needed work out. Maybe it’s also the bulky size that projects a professional look. When the digital camera took over film, it was clear and very much anticipated. The mirrorless is not going the be the same story.

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Text and photos by Albert Pedrosa


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