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Photo taken using OPPO F1s Expert Mode, f/2, 1/5, ISO400, Snapseed (Camotes, Bukilat Cave)

Over the long weekend, we travelled to Camotes Island. It was my second time to visit the place. The first time was a commissioned travel to take photos of tourist destinations. I was travelling in full battle gear. My pack was around 15 kilos or even more since my tripod was like a tank. I totally love the scenic views of the island.

This time, together with family, I decided to only use my phone in taking photos. It’s always a struggle to decide if I should bring a camera or not. I know that after deciding, there’s the what lens to bring and maybe an extra battery and camera body. Should I bring the long lens, just in case I need to shoot wildlife and tripod for long exposure? In the end, you’ll end up bring a ton of equipments.

To make it simple, I decided to go with just my cellphone. The cool thing about our cellphone camera today is the capability to shoot raw and the controls on exposure and colors is very convenient to photographers who wants more control over their shots. There’s also an app that can edit in raw and the editing tools are simply powerful.

While it’s true that camera in cellphone is making its breakthrough, I don’t think that it will ever come a time that it will replace professional cameras. I think that there will be a big possibility that point and shoot cameras will be replaced by cellphone cameras. Mid level compact camera will stay and so as professional cameras.

When it comes to quality, the bigger sensor will always have the better edge. Fashion blogger Margaret Zhang who has almost a million followers uses a full frame DSLR to shoot her instagram post. She loves shooting on a tripod with camera set to timer. Of course, she uses all other camera like cellphone when she has no better options.

Another fashion blogger, Kim Jones uses a full frame compact camera. You just can’t beat the quality of image that is edged from the type of glass in the lens and capture of light. Add a powerful editing software and you’ll get a premium image. Favorite among bloggers, celebrities and even makeup artists are compact camera with APS-C sensors. This sensor is about 10 times the size of a cellphone camera sensor.

Let us not forget that we are just talking about quality. The experience in composing it right and the understanding of light is not part of the camera you buy. The skill to take good photos is still in the hand of the person behind the camera. I’ve seen some photos taken by cellphone cameras and the image is nothing less than amazing. The quality maybe a bit less but nevertheless, it’s still an impressive shot.

The ever changing landscape in image capture has shifted a lot in the last two decades and until now, we are still riding the waves of technology and we can only guess where this is headed. The art side though has never changed though, it became more competitive when it comes to creativity.

Keep on shooting everyone!

Text and photos by Albert Pedrosa

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