Fashion Photography: Lighting and Retouching

Lighting and Retouchinig

Lighting and Retouchinig


Albert Pedrosa

Adobe Certified Expert

IMAG Section Writer

SunStar Columnist

Workshop Outline:

Lighting Patterns:

Loop Lighting

Split Lighting

Butterfly Lighting

Narrow Lighting

Broad Lighting

Lighting Ratio


Non-destructive Editing

Clone and Healing

Skin Tone Correction



Special Effects

Lightroom 3

I really hate the way LR forces you to organize your assets. what can you do, there’s no shortcut in organizing your files…

Inspired with this dilemma, i will make a series of tutorials about LR3…

Let me know what you want to know or hate about LR3 and i will try to shed light to it…

Weekender Crash Course: Photography

The Photography Weekender Crash Course finished with a bang as our feisty new photographers tackled exposure problems and went around town with it, literally! Congratulations guys, enjoy your new-found skills and take a million photos while you’re at it.