Behind The Photos: Fashion Photography, Melbourne Australia

I had a chance to insert a fashion shoot while having a vacation in Melbourne, Australia. Special thanks to Robin Power for the location in Collingwood and Jojo for the Makeup 🙂

Behind the Scenes: Prenup Carlo and Hanah

Pickup packed with coolers and crackers. Off we go to the south of Cebu passing through the never ending scenic coastal road. Century old trees on both sides of the road stretching it’s tips to meet in the middle.

Carlo and Hanah Prenup shoot road trip style. From Cebu to Dumaguete and back. Three letters spell it all. FUN!

Fashion Lighting Photography Workshop

GRP goes to Sydney, Australia. Fashion Lighting for Photography Workshop, May, 2013

Post Processing Workshop at Melbourne, Australia

Post Processing Workshop with Pinoy Photographers of Victoria.
Footscray, Melbourne Australia. May 2013

Behind the Photos: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa Project

Photography Workshop