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  1. i’m interested in your basic photography course. when is your schedule? thanks. my cousin, jay chongbian young referred me to you.

    gie martinez

  2. Hi Gie,

    Currently, I do one-on-one photography tutorial. Schedule will be based on your free time. Fee is P7,000 for 4 sessions.

    You may call me at 0919 348 6719.


  3. hi sir albert, do you have courses for beginners like me, who does not have any photography background, yet inspired to learn some photography techniques? thank you so much! 🙂

  4. Hi Joyce,
    The joy of photography is learning and experiencing. The most important tool that you need more than your camera is inspiration. Take the one-on-one training. Call me at 09153305541.

  5. Gud day Sir albert…

    do u have basic photography for me in this field? and how much is the fee in every sessions…do have also group or one on one teching sir albert?? were man in cebu located ur school?

  6. Hi Jose,

    Thank you for your interest.

    Right now, I’m offering one-on-one workshop. I find this arrangement more advantageous since I can focus on the learning curve of the student. The training is more effective. For four sessions, about 2-3 hours per session, fee is P6,000.

    Feel free to text or call me at 09153305541 for more info.

  7. Hi Chessa,

    Hi Jose,

    Thank you for your interest.

    Unfortunately I only offer one-on-one workshop for now. I find this arrangement more advantageous since I can focus on the learning curve of the student. The training is more effective. For four sessions, about 2-3 hours per session, fee is P6,000.

    Feel free to text or call me at 09153305541 for more info.

  8. Hi. Do you have photography lessons for beginners who have no experience in photography but is eager to learn? And also, which entry-level camera is best for beginners? Thank you.

  9. Hi Tel,

    How are you? Photography is one very interesting hobby or professional skill to learn. I’m glad you’re interested to learn the art of light. Getting the right gear will really depend on how much you can afford. When I started before, I invested on mid range quality camera because I cannot afford the high-end ones. I also don’t want to get the entry level because I know and decided that I’ll be shooting for both hobby and for a fee and I need a more advanced features.

    Entry level would range between 20-35k while mid range would be somewhere 35-60. High-end is 60-up. I currently do one-on-one photography. Fee is 6k for 16 hours. Normally that’s 4 sessions.

    Feel free to ask more.

  10. Hi Sir Albert,

    I am really interested of this basic photography. Please give me some instructions on how to avail this training. Thank you.

  11. Hi Laireen,

    How are you? I’m offering one-on-one training for photography. The course is 4 sessions half day per session. Fee is P6k. Schedule can be arranged. Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi sir albert, i would love to avail on your one-on-one session soon but I need first to invest for a camera. I don’t have any experience at all. I have read one of your comments about mid-range camera but is the brand m of the camera matters or no? Is your number still the same?

  13. Hi Jane, you may call me at 09153305541 should you need assistance on what camera to buy.

  14. Good morning sir albert,

    I’m interested in learning about photography, especially in Basic Photography, may I ask what is the fee and schedule? Thank you.

  15. Hi! I would like to inquire if the basic photography workshop is still open. Thank you!

  16. Yes, we give certificates. We don’t have a schedule right now. But we offer one on one training.

  17. I am Janette and i would like to inquire about basic photography and to follow with this would be your recommendation whats the next course. I am interested of enrolling in advance for month of march and april during my vocatiin time. I would be more grateful if you guys can suggest me what kind of best canon dsrl camera to buy for beginners like me. Thank you and more power.

  18. Hello sir albert..how are i want to learn for basic photography me i ask what first thing to do same like ms.janette ask you i am the beginners also and i want landscape photo…

  19. Hi Milan,

    Currently, we have no schedule yet but you can always take one on one course.

  20. How much is the one on one basic photography course sir? I just want to know the function of my camera.

  21. Hi, I’d like inquire about basic photography. When is your next session? I only have an entry level type of camera right now which is Nikon D3300. Will that do?


  22. Hi Sherlyn, your camera will do. Next group training is planned to be late August. Will announce it once schedule is finalized.

  23. Hi, I am interested in learning photography, but currently don’t have a DSLR yet. Any recommendations? Also, what do you think of mirrorless camera?

  24. Hi Doris,

    I think mirrorless camera is a big leap in photography. What type of photos are you planning to shoot? Canon M series, Fujifilm X series and Sony are among the best mirrorless cameras today.

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