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I’ve been doing photography workshops for about 5 years now. Every time I start my workshop, I always ask why they chose to learn photography. A mix of answers would surface, some because there’s a camera lying around the house. A few would say my parents convinced me to enroll but almost always, one would say “because I’ve always wanted to do photography”.

Shot taken by Ceasar Azanza of Macys Camera Shop using Leica M9, Leica Elmarit-M 21mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens. F3.4, 1/125, ISO400.

Shot taken by Ceasar Azanza of Macys Camera Shop using Leica M9, Leica Elmarit-M 21mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens. F3.4, 1/125, ISO400.

Of course our learning curves are all unique. Some who joined without any expectation turned out to be a natural in seeing things creatively. And yeah, some with all the expensive gadgets will seem to have difficulty getting it right. There is really no absolute pattern or a common trait that a person may have for you to know that he will excel in photography.

Some stories they share is that they saved for a long time just to buy themselves a camera and be able to fulfill their longtime dream of becoming a photographer. Most often, without any support from their families, they go out of their way and continue to pursue their passion. Last workshop I did, I had quite a few ones who were exactly just as I’ve described it.

No matter how many time I do this type of workshop, I’m almost always floored by the shots they make and to think they just started out in this art. They see things in details and find elements you never think it’s there. All using an entry level camera with a kit lens. Just pure talent and persistence.

I told them that in photography the more you do it, the more you get better at it. It is also a journey that will bare all your insecurities and will break you apart in every step. Whether the negativity comes from criticism or jealousy over better photos from other photographers or just the simple thought that you cannot outdo yourself anymore.

It is a never ending struggle of keeping the fire alive and finding inspiration to see outside of the box. It’s one crossroad after another. It’s a decision you have to make every time you are down to finally call it quits. Even when you have achieved a certain level of recognition, the questions will never cease.

Because you want to be a photographer, all the trials will pass and every challenge will be dealt with a heart of a champion and the will of your passion. You enjoy the new world that you entered and see it all in beautiful details. It’s an expression of one’s art. It’s your way of sharing your art. It’s photography.

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Text by Albert Pedrosa


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