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storage solutions

storage solutions

While it’s true that shooting digital spare you from the cost of film, you probably want to consider the cost of storage and the possibility of losing everything in one snap.

Few weeks ago, I felt the time suddenly slowed down to a crawl. I was working on a project and plugged my 500G external drive. A blue LED would normally lit up to indicate activity but its been a minute and nothing. That’s when the time slowed down and the images of what’s inside the drive started to flash right in front of me.

Ok, that’s too much but yeah, it was an awful feeling losing something virtual. I tried plugging the device later that day and for some unknown reason, it started working again. Immediately, I backed up all the files from that drive. These are the many episodes you’ll be experiencing with digital storage.

One Photojournalist lost his life’s work when his hard drive was stolen by burglars. Jacques Nadeau returned home to find that burglars had stolen all the photos he has taken during his life and career. That’s the reason why some photographers would do an off-site backup.

For additional layer of backup protection, some photographers would store a drive copy to another location may it be cloud or different geographic location. Cloud would be the most convenient but the price is still quite out of reach. Although Amazon just came out with a storage fee that might change the landscape of cloud storage.

Microsoft, Google and Dropbox all offers one terabyte of cloud space from a range between 80 to 100 USD per year. One terabyte of physical storage will cost you around 75 USD with all the possibility of damage or losing it. Amazon on the other hand offers unlimited photo storage for one year for only 12 USD.

Cloud storage is an ideal backup since files are protected with multi-layer redundancy system that recovers files even if the some of the drives fails. The hardware used for storage in cloud servers are far more specialized than the ones we use in our computer. The files are also accessible from virtually anywhere with internet access.

Digital storage is a serious matter for photographers. One way or another, your storage are going to be full and at some point, these electronic devices will cease to function and will wipe away your photos. Giving your storage workflow a hard look and redesigning it to save more s

Ultimately, being aware of the storage problem ahead and possibilities that can happen to your precious images, is a good start in finding out ways to best store your images. It looks like cloud storage is going to be a better alternative in the future since subscription seems to be getting affordable as the years go by.

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Text by Albert Pedrosa

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