Not All SD Cards Are Created Equal

Sandisk performs better while Transcend is a bit slow than their claimed speed. In terms of price, Transcend is less than half the price of Sandisk.

Sandisk performs better while Transcend is a bit slow than their claimed speed. In terms of price, Transcend is less than half the price of Sandisk.

Yes, they all have the same physical size and it’s quite obvious that they differ in storage capacity. Maybe you can even get a cheaper version in CDR-King. It would probably work for all you know and you go out shooting thinking you scored one this time.

I hate to admit it but yes I have one SD card bought in CDR-King. From what I know, I need a Class 10 SD card to get the most of my camera so it was the only specs I was looking for when buying one. It worked perfectly fine every time. Continue reading “Not All SD Cards Are Created Equal” »

Comparing Your Work from Last Year’s

After a marathon of shooting during the Sinulog festivities, one would wonder if you’d ever get over shooting the same event year after year. Facing the same challenges and similar subjects and shooting in the same playing field every time.

Mandatory shot when you're shooting in Sto Nino.

Mandatory shot when you’re shooting in Sto Nino.

If there’s one thing i realized shooting Sinulog this year, it’s the realization that given the same meat and spices, a Chef can make a variant of dishes out from it. While shooting Sinulog this year, I tried comparing my shots last year and saw a different photographer last year. Continue reading “Comparing Your Work from Last Year’s” »

Creative Food Photography

Recently, I did a one-on-one training shooting food. My student came all the way from Catbalogan Samar. Her sister plans to open a coffee shop and she’s designated to do the graphics and photography. Our objective is to produce not only menu type of shots but creative shots as well for posters and ad.

Creative Food Shots

Creative Food Shots

I’ve been shooting food for a while now. I like the idea of having total control of the light while taking your time perfecting every bit of details inside the frame. What I didn’t expect during the training is the fun we had working on the creative shots. It was my first time shooting food creatively. Continue reading “Creative Food Photography” »


One of my favorite lenses is the 50mm 1.4. I couldn’t afford the 1.2L, so I have to stick to this lens. I’m well versed with this lens that even without pointing my camera to the scene, I can tell how much angle it can cover. Since it’s a prime lens, I know exactly when to step back and move forward even before I take a peek through the viewfinder.

f: 5.0 mm, 182 mm Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

f: 5.0 mm, 182 mm
Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

When I decided to upgrade my system to full-frame, suddenly, I couldn’t figure out my 50mm anymore. I expected this to happen since a full-frame sensor allows you to see a wider view compared to your cropped sensor. But what I didn’t realize was how much adjustment I have to make in order to foresee the result. I felt like having a 35mm lens. Continue reading “Equivalence” »

Leaving A Space For Creativity


One light, AD model at The Den

Okay, I have to admit. I’m not an ambient light guy. I can’t survive a shoot without my strobes in the set. Of course, if you bring your strobes, then you’ll need to bring along the modifiers. When there’s strobe, there’s light stand, booms, reflector holder and the rest. Don’t forget the tripod and light meter. Continue reading “Leaving A Space For Creativity” »

Shooting Commercially

View Deck, Fantasy Lodge, Samboan Cebu

View Deck, Fantasy Lodge, Samboan Cebu

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to shoot a resort in Samboan. It’s in the southern tip of Cebu. It was the first time for me to use my phone’s GPS to find the place, but not after some dead spot along the way. Otherwise, it was a splendid drive along the coastline of Cebu. Continue reading “Shooting Commercially” »

The Journey Of Photography

Who says you can't have fun in the set?

Who says you can’t have fun in the set?

A few weeks ago, I posted in Facebook about missing photography. The truth is I’ve been shooting day in, day out and most of my spare time is spent prepping for submission, if not, meeting with clients. Continue reading “The Journey Of Photography” »

Shooting Hotel Room

Lighting the room is a bit tricky especially if you’ll combine the ambient light and your strobe. You might wonder why you need a strobe if the room is properly lit anyway. The idea of working with lights is to highlight particular parts of the room and add dimension as well.

Masked strobes (Azia Suites)

Masked strobes (Azia Suites)

Raw shot

Raw shot

Continue reading “Shooting Hotel Room” »

Skills Or Gears?

Kim Hanskamp, IPhone Photography Awards

Kim Hanskamp, IPhone Photography Awards. Using Canon G11

After writing about photographers shifting from one brand to the next, the most asked question I now get is this: Does your gear really matter?

If you’ll give me the option to use the latest equipment out there, without second thought, I’ll take it. Technology is an enabler. Couple it with skills, and you’ll have a broad arsenal in your hands. Continue reading “Skills Or Gears?” »