Taken From The Masters

Photo Caption: Fixtures from artNook,
Model: Yvonne of Stacy’s Exclusive,
HMUA: George Villamor,
Styling: Jen Cataraja

Early this week I was watching “Visual Acoustics” It was a film about Julius Shulman, one of the most respected Architectural Photographer of all times. He is most popular during the modernism times of architecture and retired when post modernism started to come in. He said that he cannot understand the designs anymore. Continue reading “Taken From The Masters” »

Fashion: Lighting and Retouching

Strobe Light and Shutter Speed

Inside the comforts of a big aircon bus, I suddenly found myself in a majestic six lanes highway with pine trees on the sides. The typical smell of an aircon bus was replaced with a fresh scent of air coming from the pines. I swear I thought I was in another country. Could this be Tagum, my final stop in my “lighting and retouching”workshop?

This continued for a couple of miles before we could finally enter the city – the city of gold. They say that Tagum is one of the major producers of gold in the country. Their city hall has the size and looks of Ayala Center Mall and just recently, they opened their international standard rubberized oval and other sports facilities.

Caption: Photo taken during the Camera Club of Tagum workshop. This was taken in the middle of the day showing control over ambient light and strobe.


Tagum was my last stop after Surigao, General Santos and Davao. Although these cities has their own unique way of surprising you, there was one common thing they had. They were all enthusiastic on learning the techniques of strobing. Most of them unfortunately, didn’t also know that strobes cannot be controlled by shutter speed. Continue reading “Strobe Light and Shutter Speed” »

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Lightroom

The application that I believe every photographer should have. This has been part of my workflow and saved me a lot of time in post processing. There’s actually more than 8 reasons to love Lightroom but I have to highlight those that impressed me the most.

Here are 8 reasons why you should use Lightroom:


This feature may seem simple and negligible but imagine it missing in Lightroom. Rating helps you mark a file during selection process. You can start with one star for general selection and increase the rate as you do another cycle until you end up with few photos that fits the criteria. Continue reading “8 Reasons Why You Should Use Lightroom” »

Picture Style

Part of what I preach is you don’t get the advantage of shooting with picture style when shooting with RAW since preset adjustment doesn’t apply to RAW. Normally, the presets are only applied to JPG file during the in-camera adjustment performed just before the camera writes to your memory card. In Nikon you call this “Picture Control” Continue reading “Picture Style” »

Color Reproduction

Last week, photo labs are all busy printing for Sinulog Photo Contest. I’m not sure but based on the number of registrants, Sinulog Foundation would probably have about twenty thousand photos in their hands for judging. I’m sure that this is something photo labs look forward to every year given the fact that printing has really slowed down significantly due to social media. Continue reading “Color Reproduction” »