Not All SD Cards Are Created Equal

Sandisk performs better while Transcend is a bit slow than their claimed speed. In terms of price, Transcend is less than half the price of Sandisk.

Sandisk performs better while Transcend is a bit slow than their claimed speed. In terms of price, Transcend is less than half the price of Sandisk.

Yes, they all have the same physical size and it’s quite obvious that they differ in storage capacity. Maybe you can even get a cheaper version in CDR-King. It would probably work for all you know and you go out shooting thinking you scored one this time.

I hate to admit it but yes I have one SD card bought in CDR-King. From what I know, I need a Class 10 SD card to get the most of my camera so it was the only specs I was looking for when buying one. It worked perfectly fine every time. Continue reading “Not All SD Cards Are Created Equal” »

The Tripod Advantage

If you’re a landscape shooter, it’s a mortal sin to leave your house without a tripod. Without it, you cannot shoot light streaks or flat and mysterious waterscapes. There’s no way you can increase your depth of field while at the lowest ISO without tripod holding the motion in place.

Truly, a tripod is a must for landscape photography. But not a lot of photographers know that in commercial photography and other genre, tripod is equally as important. Whether you’re shooting fashion or portrait, product and more.

Manfrotto tripod with a joystick head.

Manfrotto tripod with a joystick head.

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More Space

My portable USB hard drive gave me a good scare few days ago. With projects coming in one after the other, all my buffer space was maxed out. I’m normally keen in following my asset management workflow, but this time, I made some shortcuts and I almost suffered the consequences.

Some of my working files didn’t have backup and one my portable drives started to behave abnormally. When this situation happens, you’d swear to follow your backup procedures and pray to be given a chance to do it right all over again. Sometimes, an experience like this is the best way to teach you a lesson.

WD MY BOOK LIVE, 3TB wifi shared storage

WD MY BOOK LIVE, 3TB wifi shared storage

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Skills Or Gears?

Kim Hanskamp, IPhone Photography Awards

Kim Hanskamp, IPhone Photography Awards. Using Canon G11

After writing about photographers shifting from one brand to the next, the most asked question I now get is this: Does your gear really matter?

If you’ll give me the option to use the latest equipment out there, without second thought, I’ll take it. Technology is an enabler. Couple it with skills, and you’ll have a broad arsenal in your hands. Continue reading “Skills Or Gears?” »

Back Button AF

You can change the button assignment under menu in you camera

You can change the button assignment under menu in you camera

What is a back button AF and when do you use it? I’m not sure if all camera models have the option to transfer the autofocusing button at the back instead of the one in the shutter button. But I’m quite sure mid level to pro cameras have it. Continue reading “Back Button AF” »

The Big Player: Compact Camera

Summer is here and it’s the time of the year where I get a lot of inquiries on photography tutorial. Some would call to ask advice on what camera brand and model to buy. Others would like to upgrade their lenses and other equipments.

If ever you plan to get into photography, the first comment you’re going to get is, it’s an expensive hobby. I totally disagree. An iPhone is even more expensive that a mid-range DSLR. It only becomes expensive if you use it like a point and shoot.

Light and compact with almost all the features of a DSLR

Light and compact with almost all the features of a DSLR

In the many school events of my son that I attended, I see range of cameras in the hands of the parents. There are those who are well equipped and knows their gear and there are those who takes photo from long distance with built-in flash popping up. I think that this is just a case of wrong camera choice. Continue reading “The Big Player: Compact Camera” »

Uprgrading to 6D

You’ll never see problems from a new camera in your hands in the first few tries. The feeling of excitement simply overrides your judgement. It’s only when you fuse it in your workflow that it will start to show differences against your expectations. That’s the time when you can really assess a camera.

I recently upgraded to a 6D full frame camera body from Canon and like any other photographer, I was excited to test it. The image quality was great, ISO is just amazing and the buttons were a lot better. So I used it in my next project and realized how much I have to adjust to make it work for me.

6D comes with a wifi feature.

6D comes with a wifi feature.

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Nikon or Canon?

Few days ago, my student called me about deciding what camera to buy and just recently, NAPP president Scott Kelby, shifted from Nikon to Canon. I know that this topic has been a never ending discussion and I’m not expecting to seal this with this column. What’s surprising is I recommended Nikon to my student despite the fact that everybody knows I’m a Canon user.


Nikon Vs Canon

Nikon Vs Canon

I’ve been teaching photography for about four years now and I had accustomed to the way the two major brand works. My shooting buddy is also a Nikon user so I get to compare my shots against his. I’ve received post processing projects for both Nikon and Canon and through those experiences, I have come to notice the difference between the two. Continue reading “Nikon or Canon?” »

Photography Equipments

Almost always, people has an impression that getting into photography is expensive. True. From the camera itself to the lens and all the accessories that goes with it. But just like in any expensive product, there’s always a China-made alternative. Then you wonder if you’re really getting a good value for your money when getting the branded ones.

One time when I was conducting a photography workshop in Sydney, I was surprised to know that China-made alternatives was very much available. I even worked with one pro photographer there and as we assemble his lights he said “I hope you work with China-made modifiers”.

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