Camera Make And Sinulog Photo Contest

Firstly, I would like to congratulate the winners of Sinulog Photo Contest 2016. Secondly, I would like to personally congratulate my student Mr. Ryann Ablen for bagging the 1st place under the Contingent Category. I guess it’s try again for next year for those who didn’t make it. Maybe the Gods of luck will be on our side next time.

I will have to say that the results of the judging this year has improved. Not there yet but getting better. Kudos to the staff behind the photo contest and let’s make it better next year. Among the many congratulatory post in facebook, I stumbled upon a post by a photographer friend Carlito Felicen or more popularly know as Kangkang. He is a consistent placer and he made it again this year.

The data is taken from the metadata of the winning photos of Sinulog Photo Contest 2016.

The data is taken from the metadata of the winning photos of Sinulog Photo Contest 2016.

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Sony A7s, The Game Changer

Compact mirrorless camera is getting popular nowadays. Aside from its classic looks, it packs a serious features that levels DSLR and at some points, even better. Many hobbyist and professionals too, are shifting to the smaller and lighter camera system.

Zach Arias once said that if you can produce an excellent image quality out of a cropped sensor while travelling with a lighter and smaller camera, I’d choose it over my bulky and heavy full frame cameras. I think that it totally makes sense.

What if you not only have a smaller and lighter camera, it also carries a full frame 35mm sensor? Would that top your list? The Sony A7 series, is the world’s first full frame, mirrorless compact camera. Talk about image quality, I think that it’s uncontested that the bigger the sensor, the better. Continue reading “Sony A7s, The Game Changer” »