Taste And Preference

In my fashion photography workshop last weekend I was surprised to see my students diverse in terms of camera brand. I normally just see domination with Canon but this time, no Nikon, it was an equal footing with Canon and Fujifilm. Not just the ordinary camera but we are talking about Canon’s 1DX and Fujifilm’s GFX.

I was so glad I didn’t bring a camera. Firstly, mine has no match with their camera and secondly, I can always grab their camera to do a demo. It was a very productive two days since the level of interest of the students was all worth it. I cannot forget another workshop I did when a student was holding a 5DMk4 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. My heart just broke at that very moment.

I used a now disregarded 5DmkII with 50mm 1.4 lens in this shot. There’s a lot of people selling their 5DmkII with just a third on how much they bought it for. Brand and new technology will make shooting easier but not photography as an art.

I’ve been a Canon fanatic ever since but I also get to experience using almost all brands during workshops and at times when I’m doing a review of other brands. There were many times, I’d trade off all my camera to shift to another brand but by the time I’m back and shooting with my camera again, I’m reminded again why I’m shooting with my brand of camera.

It is true and correct that each camera has their high and lows. When I was shooting with a Fujifilm during my workshop and this was just even the X-T10, the shots was just amazing. The contrast and details was just marvelous. Then I took the heavy metal tank Canon 1DX and it was just very lousy with contrast.

I’m experiencing very similar contrast between Nikon and Fujifilm. Canon has always been very dedicated to tonal quality which at times weaken the contrast of the image. You can always remedy the contrast issue in the post though. I swear, on those times when clarity and contrast is on the table, shifting brand starts to come in play.

In one of the events of Camerahaus in BGC, one of Nikon ambassador shared his experience in shooting video with his Nikon. We all know that Nikon is not the most popular camera brand for video but his work is just amazing that you can’t believe it came out of a Nikon camera. He was not offered ambassadorship to use Nikon but he was a Nikon user ever since.

Camera brands try to lean on a particular image quality style. You don’t get to do an image that will cover all photographer’s taste. Every photographer will always have their own preference on what works for them. Thus no camera brand is the best, only best for you and not for everybody

The next time you see your idols using a particular brand, you can get excited and inspired but choose your camera not because of the brand but because it fits your taste and preference. It is understandable that when you’re starting up, you don’t know what you want and your preference is not fix. But at some point you should be able to define it.

With all the crazy sale this coming holiday season, invest on a camera that will match your taste and style of shooting. Find yourself and define who you are as a photographer.

Keep on shooting everyone! www.albertpedrosa.com

Text and photos by Albert Pedrosa


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