Seeing More Than What Is There.

Shot taken from a camera phone

Shot taken from a camera phone.

Among the many students I have taught photography, there are those who just rise above the others. You’ll know it in their first few frames. It seems like their eyes were trained ahead to see things creatively.

When you encounter these types of students, all you have to do is help them technically on how to realize the picture they have in their imagination. Those struggling will have to deal with both the technical part and artistic part of photography.

How do you actually find your shot and train yourself to see things creatively? These are the typical questions I get from my students. I have to warn you: once you get hooked into the world of photography, there’s no reset button. One example is when watching movies. I can’t help but try to figure out how the lighting was done in every scene.

It’s crazy. Anywhere I go, every time I see something interesting, I shift into photographer mode and analyze where the light is coming from and how it affects the scene. You won’t see the world the same way again. It feels like rediscovering the world in a different light.

The play of light happens right in front of us and occasionally on the right timing, and the right perspective, all the elements will fall into their right position. If you’re a photographer, your job is to freeze the moment; otherwise you just burn it in your memory and be pleased by the show of nature.

There are a number of rules in composition that you can find in the net and most of them are tried and tested. Transitioning the rules into your frames, though, may take some practice. It always starts with appreciation and bit by bit, recognizing all the elements that makes it engaging.

Paying attention to the different elements that make the photo — this could be the perspective, lighting, color, background, foreground, and subject, among others — will make you see morefrom a regular scene. This time you see them full of details.

It does not matter if you have a camera phone in your hands or the latest DSLR when you see the details and you see them unfolding into something amazing. Get ready and take the shot — it’s going to be a memorable scene.
Keep on shooting, everyone!

 Text and photos by Albert Pedrosa

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