Tiny And Mighty

Of all the equipments I acquired this year, I think that the smallest of them all made me more excited. It’s been in the market for quite some time already and I’m probably the last one to join the bandwagon. It’s tough and will go with you to the extremes. It challenges you and lets you experience it all over again by pressing the play button, it’s a GoPro.

Hero 3

Hero 3

Looking from a photographer’s perspective, it is not something that would easily impress the their eyes especially when it comes to image quality. While it’s true that the difference between a GoPro and a DSLR in terms of image quality is quite far, there are a number of interesting features that would put GoPro in the forefront of image capture.

Did you know that a GoPro can capture 30 frames per second? I don’t know of any DSLR that can do that. Even the top of the line DSLR from Canon can only match it by half. You’d be amazed to see every bit of the action with a decent image quality.

Save your DSLR from the dilemma of shooting thousands of frames when making time-lapse. DSLR are limited with the number of frames before it becomes a a time bomb in your hands. Once it has reached its limit, it’s a terminal case. It can go anytime. With GoPro, you can shoot as much as you can minus all the weight. It also comes with the housing if you’re doing it outdoors.

The GoPro has no settings to control your exposure triangle. Please do not take it as a replacement for your camera. It is not even comparable to the compact cameras which has a good control over the exposure. One thing you can do to capture the best quality is to use your photography sense when using it.

GoPro is still a camera and reacts to the same contrast limitation of all digital sensor. The device has no LCD display for review after the shot so your understanding of light as a photographer can come in. Finding the right angle to utilize as much ambient light as you can to light your subject is something we all are aware as a photographer.

If our DSLR are very delicate when it comes to water, GoPro is the total opposite. No scare. This tiny amazing device can take care of itself underwater, sandstorm, mud, shock and everything else, you name it. All that while shooting 4K video and stills.

It’s a good addition to your family of gadgets. You’ll love it!


Text by Albert Pedrosa

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