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Photo Caption: Shots taken at Bakhawan Eco-Park in Kalibo. It’s a 50 hectares mudflats converted into a mangrove forest. The project started in 1989 targeting to plant 250,000 mangrove trees.

I love shooting fashion editorials but next to that is travel photography. You don’t have to travel abroad to do it, there’s 7101 islands in the Philippines to discover. Not only is it rich in culture and traditions, you’ll also be treated with the world class scenic views anywhere you go.

Recently, a former colleague of mine invited me to their wedding in Boracay. I decided to take the long route via Iloilo so I can check out some places along the way. I did some researching in the internet on places to go and scenic views to visit but it was not enough. It’s still best to do a proper planning and ask for people who actually experienced it themselves.Packing your gears is as important as planning your trip. You need to decide what lens to bring? Do you need to bring a second body? Do I need a tripod or even a flash? There’s so much to decide on that sometimes you end up bringing a lot of stuff in your bag and even worse, leaving the important ones. So far, in my last couple of trips, I haven’t really figured out the secret formula. It’s either I brought too much or too less.

Let’s start with tripods. If your intention is to capture photos for digital stock then it’s a must. It’s an equipment that can add a lot of space and weight in you pack. You don’t need it all the time but having one when you need it can greatly enhance your shot. Maybe one of your highlights photo in your trip.

As to lens, still a hit and miss for me but learned a lot so far. If you plan to bring one camera body, I’d suggest you bring one versatile lens on top of the other specialty lenses. These are the likes of 18-300, 24-70 or 24-105. It would be difficult if you attached a longs lens when you see a shot for a wide lens or the other way around. You can always change lens but the hassle of opening your bag and unlocking all the locks is going to be a challenge.

Bringing an extra camera body so you can attach your second lens feels like you’re covering a wedding. Not to mention the looks of people they give you when you pass them by and of course an open invitation for snatchers. However, a small compact camera is a must to add to your DSLR. It’s handy, less intimidating and you can pull it out of your pocket for those quick shots.

You’d probably think that your cell phone can replace the compact camera, no. Compact camera nowadays has numerous manual functions that allows you to control the aperture and shutter to get the right exposure. Perfect for your ninja moves on the go. As to your memory cards, bring as much as you can.

I hate to say it but travel photography is for mirrorless compact cameras. You can argue that you want a full frame and the best quality for your shots. Well, mirrorless camera are now equally as good in terms of quality compared to DSLR. Sony offers a full frame with crazy features that you won’t see in DSLR.

In the end, it’s all about the result. It’s you that matters in photography more than your gears.

Keep on shooting everyone!

Text and photos by Albert Pedrosa

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