Weekender Photoshop Crashcourse

The Weekenders got down deep into Photoshop and got more than they bargained for: buckets of KFC downed with the Paquiao-Margarito match! So all you out there, check your scheds for who knows what might be in store on a weekend at GRP. Weekenders, tag yourselves!!!

28 thoughts on “Weekender Photoshop Crashcourse

  1. I am very much interested to learn more about how the photoshop CS5 works. Please send me more details of how to become one of the weekenders.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I don’t do the weekend training anymore. I now offer one-on-one training. The course will be based on your pace and tailored to your learning curve. The schedule of training can be arranged to your free time. Per session is 3 hours with a total of 4 sessions per course. Fee is 6k. Please call or text me at 09193486719.

  3. Hi,

    I am interested in learning Photoshop. Unfortunately, I am a beginner beginner. Is this possible? My number is 0923 573 7712.

  4. Hi Kristine,

    Thanks for the inquiry, we discussed your inquiry over text already.

    More power.

  5. Hi –

    Interested to learn photoshop or if you also teach illustrator. I am a beginner.
    Please let me know if you still do and how we can proceed, my number is 09275983446


  6. Hi Balot,

    Yes, I do training for Illustrator. Will communicate through your cellphone number.

  7. Hi do you still do photography classes?
    very interested to join.
    Hope to hear from you.

  8. Hi Belle,

    I do one on on session. It covers anything between basic to advanced. Schedule can be arranged. Fee is 6k for 2 days of tutorial.

  9. Hello again.
    Thats great. I am not in the Philippines yet so i don’t have a mobile number to reach you. May you please send me an email at ysabelle.cormanes@gmail.com so that we can discuss further?thanks a lot.

  10. i want to learn color separation using photoshop. Can you facilitate me about this? where? or just give me your contact number.


  11. Hi,

    Are you still doing this weekender crash course for photoshop? pretty much interested.. hit me up.. 09226444974..

  12. Hi may I know how to enroll on your One on one workshop? My husband is interested. Thank you!

  13. Hi Sheila, I only do one one one sessions for now. No group training schedule yet

  14. Hi, I am in Cebu City around the 17th November , Can we arrange for a days training on Adobe Illustrator (just for T shirt design) ? What would the cost be?

  15. Hello Ric.

    I already transferred in Manila. I still do training in Cebu only when I’m there. I’m in Cebu now but leaving next week for Manila again. My studio and training center is in Malate.

  16. Hi Al,

    Where would you like to do the training? I’m now mostly doing training in Manila.

  17. Hi. Do you have schedules on your future workshops or classes? Where and when will you be having them?


  18. Are you still holding Photoshop tutorials in Cebu? May I know the details?
    If not, can you recommend somebody who does?

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